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Dj Sandro
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По умолчанию Booka Shade - The Sun & The Neon Light (Promo) (2008)

Booka Shade - The Sun & The Neon Light (Promo) (2008)

Artist: Booka Shade
Title: The Sun And The Neon Light
Label: Get Physical
Genre : House
Style: Minimal
Type : Album
Size: 82,2 MB
Playtime : 62:54 min
Released: 18 Feb 2008
Quality: 320 kbps

01. Outskirts 04:54
02. Duke 04:32
03. Dusty Boots 03:26
04. Control Me 05:09
05. Solo City 04:35
06. Redemption 04:10
07. Charlotte 04:31
08. The Sun And The Neon Light 04:30
09. Sweet Lies 03:58
10. Karma Car 04:18
11. Psychameleon 04:56
12. Planetary 04:09
13. Comacabana 04:34
14. You Don't Know What You Mean To Me (J's Lullaby) 05:12

Booka Shade's third album promises to take a more song based approach, mingling orchestras, voices and acoustic instruments with electronic textures. The Sun & The Neon Light drops in May.

The Sun… arrives in the middle of a 150-date, twenty-month tour for the Get Physical duo, and features a number of tracks heard out on the road, including a reworked version of set staple ‘Karma Car’. Elsewhere it promises to be a varied package. There are two tracks which feature live orchestras (‘Outskirts’ and the title track), four vocal cuts (including ‘Control Me’ and ‘Solo City’), a Latin track (‘Comacabana’) and even a country-tinged cut (‘Dusty Boots’).

Clubby tracks include ‘Redemption’, ‘Charlotte’ (billed as ”euphoric electro-disco”) and ‘Psychameleon’, which is a Booka Shade schaffel track. But perhaps the most unusual cut on the album will be ‘You Don’t Know What You Mean To Me (J’s Lullaby)’, a song written by Walter for his newborn son. The breathing sound in the track is sampled from the accordion seen in the video of Samim’s club smash ‘Heater’. After the video shoot, apparently no one cared enough about accordions to take the instrument home, so Arno and Walter snatched it up and put it to good use.

’The Sun & The Neon Light’ by Booka Shade is out on Get Physical on May 26th, 2008. The album will be preceded by the double A-side 12 ‘Planetary/City Tales’ which hits shelves on March 13th.

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